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Third Party Collection Services

Following are highlights of the collection services we provide:

• Pre-Collect Collections: Penn Credit Corporation is a full service third party collection agency. One of the services we provide is a pre-collect service. These services are designed specifically to meet individual client needs. The purpose of Pre-Collect Services is to help creditors roll-back and/or cure their receivable portfolio through providing assistance in their offices, working accounts at a discounted rate, collecting in client’s name, making use of our letter campaigns.

• Primary Collections: Our approach to “Primary Collections” incorporates predictive dialing, loop collections and electronic messaging and/or our “Triangle of Success”. This blending ensures maximum coverage of the account from the time of placement until it is returned.

• Secondary Collections: The “Secondary Collections Program” offer’s clients an additional level of opportunity in managing their receivables model. Additionally, it will give our clients a check and balance for their primary agencies as well as their in-house collection strategies.

• Purchased Debt Collections: PCC is experienced is assisting Debt Buyers in the management of their portfolios. We are able to send all required notices upon purchase of your paper and handle the account from cradle to grave. Over the last several years debt buyers have purchased our clients delinquencies after primary and/or secondary placements.





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